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Where did you learn HTML?


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Was it a friend, a website, your boss? I'm interested in seeing where this all kind of came from. I learned from codeacademy and tumblr layouts.


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I am still learning HTML from CodeAcademy. Before I discovered CA, HTML and coding were boring to me, but CA just makes it more fun, which is great.


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When I learned html, there was no such thing as CodeAcademy or the other tutorial sites. I had to go through the specs and figure it out myself.


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I was first introduced to HTML from looking at old school 2005 websites. I really wanted to customize my own so I searched online. No classes, just googling. Actually, I didn't use Google back then I think I used Ask.com. Ah, the good old days.


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Originally? Some high school class that I've since forgotten everything about (except frames....my professor liked frames....). Since then, most of it comes from W3C or textbooks I have, and I've learned from the one college course I took on web development and working with a web app every day.


Learned in school, we were taught the basics at around grade 7 and introduced new concepts through high school. for some reason, our school has a good computer science curriculum which inspired most of my schoolmates to take up IT in college and work in the field.


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I learn about HTML codes and its important concepts first in school. After that, I continue to learn through my own research and I even ask my older brother about something I have difficulty on because he's a programmer and he is already in industry so he has a lot of experience and knowledge. Sometimes, I read some articles and forums like this one but most of the time I learn using the W3Cschools website.
I first learned it in High School and when I reached college, I had to relearn it and I watched the video tutorials of TheNewBoston's Bucky.


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Initially my cousin got me interested in it when I was younger. He showed me how to inspect web pages to read the code and showed me how you can change it to find out how it would change the page. I think this is a great way to get comfortable with manipulating code, but some more formal education is needed. Now I use CodeAcademy, but I'm looking for other resources to learn from to maintain a diverse repertoire. I'm not sure how far CodeAcademy will take me.


It was the internet. I think it was with myBB actually that I started to learn because they had a template system and I really want to learn how to modify the templates and make changes that would make my forum look better. So I started looking at some tutorials and even other forums (looking at their page source through Google Chrome). It was actually looking at other websites and forums' source code that I learned quite a lot about HTML and even CSS as well.


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HTML is easy to learn and also quite fun! There are tons of tutorials available online about HTML. However, I would recommend learning from Khan Academy as its one of the best. I learned HTML from Khan Academy as well.


I first encountered the concept HTML in my 200 level in the university when we treated one borrowed course from the department of computer science. It was quite hard for me to grasp back then because I wasn't really into designing, coding or hosting stuffs at the time.

But around my 4th year, I had done several course related to HTML, so it was a lot easier for me to understand it well. I also had to use some online video tutorials to help myself out.


I picked it up on my own after I bought this corny "web-store-in-a-box" scam. :sick: Anyway, my friend at church (the website helper) was into programming and stuff. I mean, before him I knew or cared diddly squat about it.
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To learn HTML basics W3Schools is the best website, later you can go through another website like tutorials point, Udemy, and Codecademy...etc