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WoW Dragonflight: Where to discover the Kalimdor Cup supplier


WoW Dragonflight: Where to discover the Kalimdor Cup supplier

I’ve never taken my Dragonriding drake past the Dragon Isles, but with the Kalimdor Cup event taking place from Aug. 15 to twenty-eight, I can subsequently do this. On top of this, the occasion rewards unique forex Riders of Azeroth Badges that we will use to buy sweets from the Kalimdor Cup seller.

Kalimdor Cup vendor will provide you Dragonriding customizations, one transmog set for the bravest Dragonriders, and Valdrakken Accord Insignia to help you catch up with Renown. In general, you could earn best 154 Riders of Azeroth Badges on a single character, but you could’t rerun races to earn greater. Instead, you’ll have to WoW Classic Gold complete the introductory questline and races and get greater badges that way.

How to find Kalimdor Cup seller Maztha in Dragonflight

There’s most effective one Kalimdor Cup vendor and she’s known as Maztha. Maztha is placed in Valdrakken on the 26.Ninety nine, 47.35 coordinates in Valdrakken. The supplier is right next to Lord Andestrasz, an NPC you want to talk with to begin The Kalimdor Cup’s Introduction quest with a purpose to reward you 10 Riders of Azeroth Badges.

Since that is a confined-time occasion, there aren’t many rewards you can grasp from this seller. You can pick out among Dragonriding customizations, Drake Racer’s transmog set, and insignia that rewards recognition with Valdrakken Accord.

I recommend you technique this cautiously due to the fact you gained’t get sufficient badges on one person to purchase all chocolates Maztha is providing. You can, of path, use your alts to get the entirety from this vendor, but you have to Buy WoW Classic Gold finish the hunt and do the races again.

It’s also critical to notice that this supplier is leaving the Dragon Isles on Aug. 28 and all wares she’s currently providing will become unobtainable. The rewards might go back later, however there’s no guarantee.