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How long did it take you to learn CSS?


New member
I actually learned CSS years ago but unfortunately i have no interest in it before. But when i learned other languages,i was somehow disappointed because i could have been more skillful if i was more determined to learn CSS back then.


When I set out to learn CSS, I has other programs running concurrently, so there was limited time. But however, I learnt it in the space of six months.
Took a few days to learn CSS, before learning CSS first start with HTML and then start with CSS. You should have continuous practice on these then you will learn within a short period of time.


New member
I started messing with CSS when it first hit the 'Net, back when people were super stoked about being able to scroll over links and change the colors and stuff.


New member
I started learning CSS 5 years ago and then stopped website work (for my own amateur project)
It took me a few months
Now (2020) with HTML5 it looked to be easier.
But it has got more complicated with so many options
Bootstrap, Frameworks etc
And the need to code for mobile as well as desktop

But I think that CSS Grids may be the way to go.
Finally a univeral system?
So I am going to try to teach myself CSS Grid for my new website


New member
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