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How long have you been on forums?

I started using forums in 2004 when I was looking for some help with something. I started off on one forum and then slowly built up my own and found more forums along the way.

Aside from the break I took between 2017 - 2022, I have been on forums for around 15 years now.
That's a quite long time now. 15 years isn't easy and I believe that you are a professional writer now. I would like to learn from you and be as persistent as you are.
ul.gallery img: { width:180px; }

place this in your css header. So that every time a new picture is added to a page, such as this forum, the page gets adjusted because of the added pictures. From the picture being added. Width: Height: An example. Not all picture have the same ratio. So the correct ratio is the picture. But make a set height and set width for added pictures to be added. Just like this forum.
I'd say CSS.
HTML is about content,
CSS is about presentation.

From Stackoverflow blog. But I say, CSS is used for presentation, correct. HTML and be can used with other programming languages. Not just windows. So if you're into Python or Java, CSS might not be the area of concentration. For one fact, Java for example has a getHeight() and getWidth() method. This automatically specifies how big the picture is. So then resizing if needed should be done. Otherwise, just set the picture in your hard drive, and the methods will load the pictures according to the CSS global variables. Or at least come close to it. Ratio of the picture.
I have been a member of forums for up to 7 years now. I like to read and make friends, and getting on these forums helps me read interesting facts while making friends with some of these people. It is really smooth for me as I get to build online relationships.