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Favorite fast food chain


I am a Filipino so I would say Jollibee. I love their chickenjoy and spaghetti. I really can eat that all month. The chicken is very juicy and tasty. Spaghetti is so cheesy and a bit sweet and I know that other people, especially people not from the Philippines will not like this spaghetti, but I love this. What about you? What is your favorite fast food chain?
Although most of us know it is unhealthy to eat some fast food like KFC, we still have that because it’s affordable, tasty and convenient. My favorite fast food chain is KFC because the food tastes good, it's not expensive and most of all you can enjoy their unlimited gravy. :LOL:
The OP asks about the fastfood chain and yet talks about fast food. There is some kind of confusion with the question and description.
However, I will answer the both, about fast food and fast food chain.
I am from Nepal and in Nepal the most popular fast food is steamed chicken dumplings. My favorite fastfood is chicken dumpling. We have some popular fastfood chains like KFC, however, my favorite fast food chain is a local resturant chain called the Bakery Cafe.
Chowking for me, specially their lauriat. I really like that and it's complete. This is enough for me during the whole day. I'm not really into burger, and somehow I like the chinese foods.
For me it has to be Greenwich because I love PIZZA! My favorite pizza restaurant is Yellowcab but it's not a fast food chain so I would go with Greenwich.
Domino's Pizza would be one of my favorite pizza chain back then, But now I really thought it would be Brother's Burger and Wendy's and these two are my go to fast food.. I really like big burgers with ooey gooey cheese dripping from the sides of the patty. I wish there's really one near my place but definitely will drive if I need to just to satisfy my cravings.
In-N-Out is my favorite - their burgers are just so good compared to anything else out there and it's just a perfect place to spend on a fast food chain.
don't really have a preference on which fast-food chain is my favorite because each fast-food chain has their own specialty which differ to other fast-food like burger there are some burger's I like from McDonald and some I like from Burger King. I guess what I fast-food chain I often go or eat would be McDonalds because they deliver 24/7
I used to eat at my favorite burger fastfood store until I realized that processed food aren't really good for the body. I noticed that everytime I eat in a fastfood my stomach gets into trouble like I have diarhea, some upset, and other symptoms. That's why these days I eat whole fresh foods and just go to these fastfoods less frequently as I used to. But there are good restaurants that serve freshly cooked foods and I treat my family there from time to time.
I really don't have a favourite food chain. I think most of them are monsters and killing local businesses. I rather support small family businesses in my area. It's getting more and more difficult to find one as everything is being taken over by big corporate.
Pizza will always be my favourite fast food because it is something that I enjoy eating so much and I order it most of the time. I also enjoy hot spaghetti that is prepared very well too.