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Excel to HTML Table (Specific Columns, First Row ignored)


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I am trying to create an HTML table that reads in Excel file. At the rightmost column, is a checkbox column where we can select the rows we want. The user opens the file, and then reads it to a table.
        <h2>Data in excel file</h2>
        <input type="file" id="input">
        <table id="tdata">
                    <th>User ID</th>
                    <th>Staff Type</th>
                    var input=document.getElementById('input');
                input.addEventListener('change', function() {
                    readXlsxFile(input.files[0]).then(function(data) {
                        var i=1;
                                let table=document.getElementById('tdata');
                function generateTableHead(table,data)
                    let thead=table.createTHead();
                    let row=thead.insertRow();
                    for(let key of data) {
                        let th=document.createElement('th');
                        let text=document.createTextNode(key);
                function generateTableRows(table,data)
                    let newRow=table.insertRow(-1);
                        let newCell=newRow.insertCell();
                        let newText=document.createTextNode(row);

Here is my excel file below:


What I expected:
NameUser IDStaff TypeSalarySelected
Jack SparrowU382Full Time56000Pirate

What I actually got:


As you can see, upon opening the file, the code read EVERY SINGLE ROW AND COLUMN, which is not what I want. I want it to read specific columns, and the first header in the excel file ignored. How can I rewrite my code?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
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