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Help Making an advanced "Excel Spreadsheet" in HTML (& CSS & JS if needed)


New member
1stly: I don't know if this it exactly the right place for this thread, can be moved if needed :)

2ndly: I have experience with HTML, CSS, and JS, making static sites. However i have never done PHP/SQL/other backend.

I need to know how to create, basically a spreadsheet, in a HTML doc, (BTW this will run totally local, no backend server stuff needed) that can a) Save to some kind of (local) file as you enter new values into the spreadsheet, and b) be on a usual HTML page, so i can add other elements not necessarily directly related to this spreadsheet, and use standard CSS etc to style the whole thing. Also it needs to have features such as the "Conditional formatting" you can find in MS Excel.

Hope this is possible.
I can provide further details/explain better if needed.