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Where do you get your tutorials


Where do you learn to use photoshop, or your editing program to it's best abilities? I for one am a huge fan of youtube tutorials, they are much easier to follow.


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I like watching YouTube tutorials for just about everything. They are so much easier to follow than long pages of text. I also don't like the Photoshop tutorials that post millions of pictures of each step...takes forever to load on this crappy connection and is just annoying in general. With YouTube, I can follow them through every step.


I don't like YouTube tutorials that much since a) they have terrible audio or b) they go way too fast and I can't follow the author. I prefer tutorials that are written and published in blogs an such, preferably with several screen caps to make them easier to understand.


Aside from school, yes, tutorials on Youtube will help a lot and try checking video tutorials at lynda.com.
I also get my free tutorials from YouTube and other sites that I get from my Google searches. When I research for free tutorials, the first few results from Google are the sites where I learn from. Tutorialspoint and W3Schools are some of them.


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I just use social media to gather information's and also tutorials, The fact is that social media nowadays is a very good source of information. Some of these information are really accessible and free. I just get the important parts or watch some videos and then try it hands on. Its quite simple but effective.


Yup social media is the first choice and if you seem to feel no one gives you the appropriate tutorial that you're aiming for then you can maybe trust youtube on that. There's really a lot going on on youtube and I really thought most everyone has their own vlog or just started to vlog. Internet is really reliable when it comes to tutorials and shared personal experiences from others.


I trust you should have had variety of answers to you question on how to source for training materials. Go ahead and do as we have suggested here, and I guarantee you that being a veteran graphics designer will just be some moments away.


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Where do you learn to use photoshop, or your editing program to it's best abilities? I for one am a huge fan of youtube tutorials, they are much easier to follow.

Watching video tutorials makes learning faster and easier compared to reading books. YouTube is also my number one place to look into for the things that I wanted to learn.


I get my tutorials through DVDs and Udemy. I have a lot of Photoshop Tutorials DVDs. Udemy is an online school and when I want to learn something I join Udemy. For as little as $10, I can learn various programs. Sometimes for impromptu tutorials, I also go to youtube.


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I learn the photoshop and editing from the you tube mostly. But i also joined the graphic institute as i also want to learn the animation so without someone guidance it is difficult to learn.