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Some Simple CSS help


Junior Member
I think this is a CSS issue, if its not i apologize for putting it in the wrong area. I have a site I am "remodeling" for a friend. I am a nerd/geek but web coding is not something I have done a whole lot of and I am about as much of a noob as one could be. Anyway my issue is that, like any other good website, I am trying to get the links to stay exactly where I want them, no matter on the screen resolution. The new site right now is at http://www.millermachinecompany.com/mmc2013

Notice the white bar on the bottom of the image? Notice the links on the page? I want the links to pretty much be situated in the top left corner of that white transparent bar. Problem is, with all the css things I have tried I can not get the links to stay put once I change screen resolutions or view from a different computer.

Any help on figuring this out would be much appreciated. I will happily provide code if needed.