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Help with Simple input form and Math


New member
Hello, My name is Max and I'm building a personal website for my friends and as a guide to lose weight.

I want to create an input field in a .html page that allows a user to enter their current weight in pounds. Lets say Jeff enters 200 in the field and presses enter. the page would then display the following:

Your weight minus 1 = 199
Your weight divided by 4 = 50

Obviously I will do more advanced calculations against the number but if I could just get the above framework in place I can learn how to make the needed changes.

Can someone Help?

Additional info
- This is running on my Synology NAS (Webserver)
- Apache Server 2.4, PHP 8.0 and Python 3.9 are installed on the NAS
- My web page is coded in pure HTML and relies on CSS