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AJAX and PHP - simple script only partly working


New member

I have made a simple PHP script that reads a directory and return the folder names. It also add on onClick event to the names, and that part is only partly working.

I load index.php and click the button. This start the function showDirs with current working directory as parameter. The function showDirs call list_dirs.php and the names of the directories are written to the screen ($dir) and also added an event trigger that will call call showDirs with the directory as parameter:

$path = "'" . $cwd . '/' . $dir . "'";
echo '<p class="dirs" onclick="showDirs(' . $path . ')">' . $dir . '</p>' . "\n";

So far everything works as expected. I can see the path is correct, and the directories are listed. And, when I click on the directory names, the onClick handler is working, and is sending the new path to showDirs. But the problem is; now is no (sub-)directories listed! The line
echo $q;
in list_dirs.php tell me the path is correct, but for some odd reason the directories are not listed.

What am I missing here?

See it in action: here Note: in the directory "files" is there a subdir names subdir.


<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="utf-8">
    function showDirs(str) {
        var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
        xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
            if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
                document.getElementById("dirs_div").innerHTML = this.responseText;
        xmlhttp.open("GET", "list_dirs.php?q=" + str, true);
        <h1 id="header">test</h1>
        <button type="button" onclick="showDirs('<?php echo getcwd(); ?>')">test</button>

        <div id="dirs_div"></div>



// get the q parameter from URL
$q = $_REQUEST["q"];

        $cwd = $q;
        $dirs = scandir($cwd);
        $i = 0;
        echo $q;
        foreach ($dirs as $dir)
            if (is_dir($dir) && $dir != ".." && $dir != ".")
                $path = "'" . $cwd . '/' . $dir . "'";
                echo '<p class="dirs" onclick="showDirs(' . $path . ')">' . $dir . '</p>' . "\n";