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I want to save the web access address in php script files. How to save the Web address as like a static variable?


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Hi eveyone, I have a tiny difficulty to writing the trace-back WEB address to RECALL it later, a few WEB link down page. Will you help me, which is the easy way to save the WEB address in PHP script, and recalling it to access the WEB address in another different PHP file. In case my explanation isn't good enough to understand, I will provide my samples as the attachment files or else. Thank you very much for your help !!!

Well, this doesn't seam to be an interesting question. So, I will add my Company's Web pages (screenshots). And I will explain what is the problem for me now (the only one programmer in TuneFind). Please take a look at TuneFind's Algeria Main page at first. As like any country in TuneFind's system, IP address is analyzed and is figured out, the IP address is from Algeria. Then this Algerian Main Page of TuneFind appears. Up to now, it is successful. For the next step of the search, for example, man may click onto the CLASSIC button. Since I can not speak nor write Arabian language, unfortunately, so that I temporarily I had to use the French Classic page. The problem will be the next step. From the Classic search page in French, when man click the HOME button link, it will take to FRANCE main page, not ALGERIA main page. This is not natural. It is better to go home ALGERIA as the Web-surfer started initially. To make this reality, I have to SAVE the WEB Hyper Text Pages to be track-backed in the memory, and I can refer to it according my needs. How can I SAVE almost the immediate PAST WEB addresses in a way in PHP script. Thanks for your help !!

Mitsuru Kido


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