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PHP basic questions for newbie


New member
how hard is learning PHP and how long would it take approximately?
what is its benefits and what are the things I can do with PHP?
do I need to have previous coding knowledge to learn PHP?
should I learn PHP before html, css and javascript or in what order should I learn it?
I'm also learning computer languages, I'm new programming. Like interpersonal languages, computer languages have similar constructs. I'm learning C right now and see a lot of similarities in many languages. Pick a language and dig in, play around. Some are used to work together with other languages, like HTML, CSS, and PHP work well together, as does JS. If you're a complete newb, just find a free tutorial online, YouTube is a good place, just to get your feet wet. In the beginning, like human languages you will be talking "baby talk," in the computer world, it's usually "Hello World," you'll start to mature after some time, though it will take experience and maturation to reach Shakespeare level, so be patient and determined, and work on what sounds like fun.

I started looking at HTML, CSS and PHP at the time using online tutorials. They are often seen together, so it was natural. It will make more sense as you go on. Do as many projects as you can, nothing fancy, just to get you coding. Increase complexity as your desire takes you. Grow with it, and don't put the cart before the horse.