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I need help with this PSD to HTML/CSS


New member
I have this psd I have been struggling with for a while, my teacher doesnt speak fluent english and I am learning but this is due suddenly today. The cart and shop sections I have never even seen him show it before so I am bewildered and cant find any class mate to help since the lock down because of the virus.. Can some one figure this out or even do a video to show me. I am baffled and confused. I hate the word curly brace and just need to get this done , I have aced the header and the footer and the main page... Its a little off but compete I just need help finishing this. We can use photoshop but havve to keep it clean in HTML and CSS. I have tried dozens of videos to use creative cloud to extract but that just further confused me. If someone has the time I would be greatfully appreciate for the actual lesson and showing me the code for this psd.. or video
the forum didnt accept the PSD file so I am uploading the JPEG, oooooh i just remembered I can link the file from adobe cloud: there it is


  • Cart Version 2 (Cactus).jpg
    Cart Version 2 (Cactus).jpg
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  • Home Page Version 2 (Cactus).jpg
    Home Page Version 2 (Cactus).jpg
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  • Shop Version 2 (Cactus).jpg
    Shop Version 2 (Cactus).jpg
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