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How many friends have you made from social media?


Do you find it very easy to make friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Hangout, Tinder, Bigo Live Chat and so much more? I have a serious trust issue which is why I hardly make friends online.
I don't usually look out for making friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. What I'm more after is getting customers from their for my business products and services.
I have lots of friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I started using TikTok recently, so I don't have more friends or followers on it. I should have more than 8000 online friends.
I have made quite a few lasting friendships on social media, though I have a lot of friends on my socials I am not really close to any of them.
My business clients are the important friends that I make online from all the social media sites I'm making use of in marketing of my business products and services. I have made at least over 50 business friends online.
I don't usually go all in when it comes to the friends I make from online through social media platforms. People can easily fake themselves online, so I'm being very careful.
The friends that I have made online all stays online. I don't spin any of them out from being online friends to physical friends. I have a limit to what closure I give to online friends. I have at least 5 good online friends.
I've made a good number of friends on social media platforms. I've also made the bad friends too. Some turned out to be monitoring spirits and just looking for your downfall. It's why I'm very careful with the friends I make online.
I have so many friends on Facebook but I'm not going to consider any of them to be a very close friend of mine because we are simply friends online. It is very difficult for me to allow people become very close to me to call themselves my friends.
I can't place a figure on the number of friends that I've made, but it is definitely a number. The thing is that I don't feel too comfortable making friends with anyone that I see on the internet.
I made quite number of friends back then when I started newly on social platforms and they have been helpful but right now, I found it too hard to make friends on social platforms again because people can be monitoring or even plan evil against you. Nowadays, friends from online stays online.