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How many forum members gives you the traffic you desire?


For webmasters whom have been in the business of running forums for years, how many forum members do you have that usually gives you the right traffic you look forward to in your forum? Does having more than 500 members gives you what you're looking for or less?
It doesn't matter how many forum members that you have. Yes, the numbers is good but it's useless when they are not actually active. If you have 50 members that are very active, it's better than having 500 that are not active.
I would say that the more members one have in his or her forum the better. It gives the forum owner the opportunity of having traffic from those who will be willing to post. If you have few members, you might end up not getting any activities from them.
I normally look at having at least 20 active members all the time during the day. They can give me the desired activities and traffic which I can make money from Google Adsense I've used to monetize my site.