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Wikimedia infobox issues


New member
Hi all!

I currently co-run a Miraheze mediawiki wiki site, but I'm having some trouble with infobox layouts. At present all images and information within infoboxes across the wiki are aligning to the left, when they should be centred. The infoboxes also don't seem to recognise width limits, as text runs over and expands the box to fit. The issue started occurring after I imported some templates from Wikipedia, but after deleting and then reimporting the templates, the issue is persisting. I can't understand why. It may well be an issue with the Lua module:infobox, but I'm unsure.

For reference, this the template on the site. I know this a html forum, but here is the Lua module as well, just in case the issue isn't related to the html.

Any advice or help working out what the problem is would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.