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What on Earth Happened to Codecademy?

I remember this being a great learning tool a good few years back. I wanted to get back into coding and went to check it out and it's changed, massively. It seems they want to charge you for everything now too.
I completely agree. I haven't been on there in a long time and just went to check it out then. I know websites need to modernize, but the theme for one doesn't sit right with me. The fact that they built a solid userbase up to then charge is both good business acumen and snake-like.
Yes, I'm afraid that they got greedy and decided to make a lot of profit rather than focusing on helping people to learn. Al those links from the past (accidental Zelda reference) that were posted as a helpful, free learning resource now lead directly into the money pit.
i scared very few people always think about profit and business. Reason of this thought humanity & talent declining day by day.
I believe that what happened to Codecademy was competition. It's something that's always present in every sector and if your project isn't ready to face it, it's going to be eliminated.