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[TUTORIAL] Domain Name Extensions


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First domain type is Top Level Domain (TLD). These top level domains include any extensions which contain only one suffix — for example, .net, .info, .biz and so on.

Second Level Domains (2LDs) are domain names containing one more level after the .com or .co suffix. For example, .com.au is a second level domain style as it contains an additional suffix after the .com that shows the website originates in Australia.

A gTLD is a Generic Top-Level Domain and includes addresses like – .marketing, .estate, .fashion and .photography. This is a booming segment which is very popular recently and there is a huge range to choose from, whatever your industry!

CcTLDs are Country Code Top-Level Domains which are usually restricted to certain countries. These are domains like .au, .uk, .ae, .us, etc.

Extension also has a meaning. The meanings of some top-level domains are listed as follows −

  • .com – commercial − This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register and it is always the main TLD.
  • .org – organization − This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register. But, it is originally intended for use by any non-profit organizations. But as of now, there are no such restrictions and the .org domain name is being used by numerous organizations.
  • .net – network − This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register. It was originally intended for use by domains pointing to a distributed network of computers, or "Umbrella" sites that act as a portal to a set of smaller websites.
  • .edu – education − This TLD is limited to specific higher educational institutions such as, but not limited to, trade schools and universities.
  • .mil – military − The .mil TLD is limited to use by the United States military.
  • .arpa – Address and routing − It is for Advanced Research Projects Agency in the early days on the Internet, .arpa is now exclusively used as an Internet infrastructure TLD.