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Photoshop learning resources?

Hello, guys!

I'm a back-end developer and I am not really good at designing and layout of websites. Can you suggest websites or video tutorials where I can learn Photoshop? I would prefer if the learning materials are free. :)

I'm really interested to grow my skills in design so I can have more services to offer my clients and/or employers.



Adobe has free tutorials for Photoshop so make use of those, and Youtube has a lot of available videos which you can easily follow depending on the version you're using and the feature you wanna learn. For sites, I think https://phlearn.com is one of the best out there with a lot of free tutorials, although there's a subscription fee for highly advanced features.


Hi @EfficientNinja. I'm not a developer but I freelance on video editing as well as photo editing. The best tutorials I've seen are from Youtube and I've learned many things by not only relying in to one website. I've searched a lot of websites and I do believe that you can also search them on Google. Don't hesitate to click on websites ad try to compare each tutorials they give or teach on their websites. For videos, I suggest that you practice Adobe Photoshop randomly and make some notes about the things and tools you do not know and search about how to do it or how to use some tools so that you can get and learn what you really want to learn because if you're just learning randomly, you won't get anything out of it tho. Self-practice makes the learning easier and I can attest to that because I am a Teacher education student and I have also learned Photoshop that way. Hope this could help you. Best of luck and God bless.


There are a few different ways that you can learn how to use a program like Photoshop. I think one of the best method would probably be to check out YouTube because there are so many tutorials on there by various users. You can check out videos on how to use various tools, how to best design graphics and just the general information on how to actually use a program like Photoshop. There should be some videos on good alternatives as well if you are interested in looking at good alternatives to Photoshop.
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Usually, I watched a video tutorial about Adobe Photoshop on Youtube. Also, check Lynda sites. The good thing with sites like Lynda is that you can find a tutorial on every topic. Another one is PhotoshopTutorials, excellent tutorials about retouching, photo manipulation, and color grading.


YouTube is replete with myriad Adobe Photoshop videos. The problem you should have is not the availability of the videos but the time and discipline to follow through the lessons.