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How to install Python on Windows!

Shawn Gossman

Junior Member
Here is my tutorial on installing Python on Windows. I use Windows Vista so the tutorial may seem different if you use a different Windows operating system, however, Python is pretty simple to install so it shouldn't be hard to work around.

This tutorial is covering, Python 3.3.0

1. Go to http://www.python.org/ and hit DOWNLOAD to the left or go to http://www.python.org/download/

2. Download Python 3.3.0 Windows x86 MSI Installer or another on the list pending your setup. A download (python-3.3.0.msi) file should start.

3. Click and run the file. Go through the installation process and let it install. This could take some time. After its done, click Finish.

4. Now click Start on your desktop and go to Control Panel. In the Control Panel search field, type system. You should get a link to click on System, click it. Click on Advanced system settings.

5. Now click on Environment Variables and in the System Variables section, find and highlight Path and then press edit.

6. DO NOT DELETE THE CURRENT PATH! If you do, hit cancel and then edit it again without deleting the current path.

7. Type C:\Python33; at the BEGINNING of the path without deleting anything and hit okay, okay again and okay again to close out the setting prompts. Note that the 33 in the text is the version, you may need to change that for the latest version.

8. Open Command Prompt (Hit start on desktop and in the search box, type in cmd and press enter) and the Command Prompts should open.

9. In the Command Prompt, type in Python (notice the capital P) and hit enter

10. It should result in version numbers and commands for copyright, help, etc. which means that you have successfully installed Python 3.3.0 on your Windows machine!