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[Python] Thoughts on best framework?


Junior Member
What do you guys prefer to use when developing web applications with Python? I've used Django before and have had some good results with that. I've also used Flask, it's a little bit easier to learn, but doesn't come with as many features, you have to download some add-ons for it. What do you guys prefer?
I am currently developing a forum software in Python. I am using the Django framework for many different reasons. For 1, it makes life easier for me. For 2, it seems to be updated more than the other frameworks I have looked at. Updates means that there is a lot of development going on and that is the framework that I wish to be a part of. :)
Hmm I've been looking for a framework to specialize in but I've mostly been looking at PHP frameworks. Could you give some insight into what makes django better then for instance zend or codeigniter?