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How Often Do You Code?


New member
I am currently a student of computer science and my major is application development. To answer the question, I often write codes or make program or system whenever our professors gave us a project or an assignment. I know I must still practice and learn writing codes even there isn't an assignment or project to do, in order to improve my skill and to add more of my knowledge in the field of programming. But sometimes whenever I feel stress and when it seems that I can't do it anymore, I stop writing codes. As of now, I am still doing my best way I can to improve my skill and to further build up my passion on this field since this is what I chose to be my future career. If you want to know if being a programmer is really what I want, I guess I can say that yes because I believe sometimes we may get tired of what we want to do but as long as there's still the passion in you then just continue.
I attended the courses several years ago, and I have forgotten many things by now, Anyway, when we build up a new blog, I do coding and remember all the necessary aspects. I have never spent too much time on it, as I am a wife and have many duties at home, as well as I am a senior manager of our blogs and YouTube channels. Everything should be in balance as life is passing by.
At the same time, I find coding challenging and ready to spend days for it, so I always try to control myself and remember the necessity of the balance.
Never now but back then, not as often as I should have. I had a great idea for an app and was learning well while building it. I stopped for some reason and never went back.