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Help needed with landing page


New member
Hi guy's, i have a website set-up as a shop (Same day delivery service like Uber/Deliveroo etc). The URL takes me directly to the menu to order, but i want a landing page before the customer gets to the menu.

I have made the landing page in HTML, but i now need to find a way of making the Landing page the default page, and the menu as a clickable link.

Is there anything i can do code-wise to achieve this without moving the Menu on to a sub domain??

Apologies if this is in the wrong section

Edit: Im using Foodtiger from Codecanyon as the Menu/Website software
So web serving software is setup to look for a specific page to load if one is not specified.

Rename your landing page to index.html or whatever html code you are using, e.g. PHP, XHTML, ASPX and so on.

Rename your menu page to something easy to remember, such as menu.html or whatever the code you are using is.

In your landing page, create a link to your menu page.

<a href="path/to/your/menu/page/">Menu</a>

or if you want to make your menu page open in a new tab you can use this:

<a href="path/to/your/menu/page/" target="_blank">Menu</a>

What this will do is tell your webserver that the first page that should be served is your landing page and then your menu would be accessed as a link.

All web servers by default are instructed to look for an initial index page in each root directory that is accessed by the browser.

Hope this helps!