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Forums vs social Media

We can advertise on forums or social media, it depends on our requirement and needs. I prefer to advertise on social media because it helps to increase the website audience, to create brand awareness and to increase traffic...


A forum is a discussion board where users all with the same interest create ... A social network is a website


Forums used to be very dominant and people enjoyed using it before but recently social media have taken over everything with all the nonsense that has been going on on all of them. I love forums more because it's less toxic.


The sad truth is that a lot of people are moving away from the use of forums to social media sites recently. It's something that we can't stop because of the way they can use and abuse social media sites unlike forums.


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It is very good for you to market on both social media and forums because it gives you a better opportunity to have a lot of traffic coming to your website. Social Media platform is the biggest source of traffic in the world right now, so you have to focus more of your attention on marketing your brand on them.


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I make use of both social media and forums and both of them are very good because I know how to exploit making use of both of them in order to achieve my goals and objective of using one of them.


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Forums are fun. However, they simply aren't what they used to be. Social media has taken over, whether you resent the fact or not.