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Do you promote your forum on other forums?


How do you get people to know about your forum, which strategy do you employ in your forum promotion and do consider promoting your forum on other forums?
I don't have a forum now. However, when I did, I used social media to get people. However, the one exception was a website promotion forum.
I know a lot of people who promote their forum on other forums. One of the biggest forums where they do that is on Forum Promotion. It's a pretty good place to promote anything online.
Sometimes, I made use of forum signatures to promote my forum in other forums as long as it's allowed by the owner.

I have used a few banner advertising on some forums that are very active in order to have new members join me from there.
Once you're very active in forum posting, it's a very good way for you to promote your forum free of charge without having to pay.

I do it often especially with a good forum owner that's also willing to help out as well.
I do promote my forums on other forums but I do it in a way that is professional and that is not rude or breaking any rules. Self-promotion is one thing I will not turn to when it comes to advertising my forum on other forums. Things like adding a link in my signature or posting my forum in a section where they allow you to advertise your sites or even having a link in my profile to my forum are all ways that I do it without it being rude or breaking any rules. I definitely do not spam my forum link around other forums.
Forum users stick more on forums. It's very difficult to get people from social media to move to using forums because most of them moved away from forums to social media sites. It's best to promote your forum in other forums especially one's with high activities. You stand a better chance of getting more members from there than on social media platforms.
I came across a forum some time ago where they even render SEO services to forum owners as well as helping them to advertise their forums. They have millions of impression every day. I think it's called blackhatseoforum, I'm not really sure. But it was a very good place to promote forums.
I don't have a forum of my own yet but I make use of forums because they are better than social media platforms. I promote some other things I do on my forum account signature.