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Does anyone use Mozilla's Thimble webmaker?


Junior Member
I am a big fan of Mozilla and the fact that it's so easy for a beginner to get involved with the whole project.
Recently I stumbled upon their webmaker and started using it, and learning the basics of making webpages has been very easy ever since. So I was wondering if there is anyone else out there also using this service?
Seeing this thread just made me go out and check what the heck it was.

And yeah, I can see how it is helpful for people who are new to HTML and making websites, as it gives you a preview right alongside, and allows you to easily set text size. Another neat feature is being able to undo/redo, which could be handy if you don't know what you did wrong.

However, for the more experienced, this tool be utterly worthless.
This is actually the first time that I have heard of it as well and it sounds quite interesting. I had a quick look and found the new Mozzila Thimble Webmaker and it seems to be good for those that are brand new to HTML and programming. Personally, I wouldn't use it because I wouldn't need to practise or learn any coding plus I already have a pretty good code editor to use.
There is no material difference between Thimble and many HTML editors.Thimble offers more with a library of ready-to-use projects, including basic games, many of which offer functional web pages complete with lots of inline comments to explain how the page works and suggesting syntax and resources needed to perform further customisation. These starter projects are shamelessly didactic, with Mozilla saying “Thimble removes many of the barriers for novice users trying to learn code.”