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Does Anyone Know of any Legit Contest Sites?


New member
I work in CPA, so I'm fully aware of a lot of the scams out there. That being said, I have been trying to find a legitimate contest website for a while now. I always seem to be greeted with CPA offers in disguise. Any ideas?
Well, if you're in the UK and don't mind spending a little then https://www.nitrouscompetitions.com/ is your friend. They are well-established, reputed and legitimate. Their tickets can cost up to £20 each but their prizes are prestigious; Ferraris, Lambos, superbikes, 50k cash etc.

The guy who runs it drops the prizes of himself and always does little videos to post on his Facebook. Good luck, god speed and enjoy.


New member
There's quite a few listed on this blog post here. Be careful though, although a lot may seem legit, they could well be well-hidden scams. The internet is rife with such crap.