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Does Anyone Know of any Legit Contest Sites?


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I work in CPA, so I'm fully aware of a lot of the scams out there. That being said, I have been trying to find a legitimate contest website for a while now. I always seem to be greeted with CPA offers in disguise. Any ideas?
Well, if you're in the UK and don't mind spending a little then https://www.nitrouscompetitions.com/ is your friend. They are well-established, reputed and legitimate. Their tickets can cost up to £20 each but their prizes are prestigious; Ferraris, Lambos, superbikes, 50k cash etc.

The guy who runs it drops the prizes of himself and always does little videos to post on his Facebook. Good luck, god speed and enjoy.


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There's quite a few listed on this blog post here. Be careful though, although a lot may seem legit, they could well be well-hidden scams. The internet is rife with such crap.


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