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Do you like working online or offline?


New member
Since the pandemic of coronavirus hit the world, a lot of companies started with the option of some of their workers having to work online from home while some work in the office. Did you get to work online or at home during the pandemic? What's your favorite way to work now?


New member
The reason why a lot of people are not interested in working online recently is because there is no enough work to be done online and there is a lot of competition which is why they don't get enough work to do. But in a situation whereby you have a skill that is going to enable you to work online, it is an option that I am going to choose because it gives me the opportunity to work as I see fit and make money at my own pace.


New member
I prefer working online and for myself. I'm sick and tired of answering to anyone all in the name of my boss and they will end up with not paying me well. They are the worst kind of people out there in the world.


I feel more confident and comfortable working online. I don't like to leave my house because I'm too shy.

I can't deal with all the nonsense that's going on with a lot of people, so I prefer working online for myself.


I have been working offline all my life. It's something that I have been very used to doing. I would like to stick to it as long as it's paying me well.


I enjoy working online more because it gives me more time to make researches and I could conveniently work from anywhere.


New member
Even though the pandemic of coronavirus caused a lot of havoc in the world but I would always be very grateful because it taught me that I can work from home online and make decent living for myself.


New member
I like doing both. Anyway, I think people need real contact with other humans. People can develop as a better person that way.


New member
It pays well to work both online and offline. In fact most companies now have their businesses carried out online and offline because it's how they get more customers every day.