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Any good tutorials on learning Web Fundamentals?


Junior Member
I'm basically looking for some good tutorials/books on how to learn building websites, learning the basics of HTML and CSS. I have heard of codecademy.com; is it good for that? Or can you recommend some other sites or books for me? Thanks!
Try YouTube. There's so much on there to be found, it's ridiculous. Tutor4u channel has some quality vids.
You can use the w3schools, but this site seems very inteserrante, I will test and then I give a review :)

W3Schools is a great site to learn the basics. However, if you prefer video tutorials then I recommend checking out TheNewBoston.
Someone posted the w3schools java tutorial, it's really good so far. It's gonna be a good way to kill a little time.
Code academy is pretty good from the tutorials that I have done so far. I'll checkout w3schools and TheNewBoston and Tutor4U on Youtube as well. Though I don't really like Youtube tutorials because I don't like pausing in order to keep pace most of the time.
University of Reddit has some pretty awesome starter tutorials on pretty much any language:


I haven't taken the HTML one in particular but I've been following the Python course and getting a grip on things pretty quickly.
Also, w3schools is an excellent resource for reference. Sometimes I'll confuse myself on what certain operators do between languages or make silly syntax errors; in these times, W3S is open in the next tab.
I've heard good things about Code Academy; a few friends of mine are pretty happy with the courses.

One of my favorite resources is ureddit. They have video tutorials for virtually every language. I haven't tried their HTML course personally, but I've been working my way through the Python course and its both concise and easy to follow with any IDE.


W3Schools is great as well. Often times when I'm switching between languages and I fudge some operator or syntax, I have it open in the next tab for reference.
I usually have my laptop open and then play some tutorials on my PS3, haha. Still have to pause now and again, but it's easier on the bigger screen to see what's going on.
Yes, CodeAcademy is pretty good. I have tried some of their lessons. W3Schools is also good. W3 approaches the tutorials in a somewhat different way from CodeAcademy but you still get to try your hand at the things you learn, bit by bit and there's the quiz to check on your retention of the new information. Other than that I would suggest installing Amaya to try your hand at making use of what you have learned. It's important to learn by doing.
If you're looking to learn Javascript, then I would definitely recommend CodeAcademy. For other web app languages such as Python or Ruby on Rails there are a bunch of other good sites out there. Check out sites like Udacity, they put video tutorials that are basically college courses on these languages.
As many others have said, I would suggest CodeAcademy and Youtube. Although I do not really have a "learning" experience with CodeAcademy, as it wasn't around when I learned to code, I have went through a few tutorials and it's better then W3Schools I would say.
I'm not that fond of the codeacademy myself cause i find it usually doesnt really go in depth enough (Maybe I just found out about it to late). I really love the new boston, usually the first place I go to when I want to learn something new. Also if you're just starting out and need basic HTML and CSS skills i'd advice this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwQMnpUsj8I by JimmyR. Its a forty minute video on the very basics of web design.
Just wanted to leave a little not of gratefullness. I am learning this coding stuff on my own and free resources would be ideal for me. I will be sure to check out youtube more thoroughly. I usually look over it quickly because I thin it is full of bail compilations and awful music videos. ;)

I will find those tutors on the youtube. This seems like the best suggestions here.
I'll also recommend W3Schools. I learned the basics of every web technology from them. I'll also recommend TheNewBoston's youtube channel. Some of his playlists might be a little outdated, but sometimes he updates tutorials that need a refresh. He's a humorous guy and I enjoy learning new technologies using his videos. I hope you will too! Good luck! :)
There are actually a lot of tutorials and websites out there that will help to teach you how to make your very own websites. Codecademy is a really good site to use and I believe I tried it out for some programming lessons a few years ago. I would definitely recommend it to you especially if you want to learn the basics of HTML and CSS and then progress to the more advanced lessons. If you want, you could also just have a look at the page source of various sites, that's how I learned quite a lot about different HTML and CSS code.
I can recommend www.w3schools.com. When I started studying programming I used to visit the site. It provides a lot of examples that you can try. Try to code it yourself and run it so you can see the results. I also watch videos on youtube. There are a lot of tutorial there with a step-by-step procedures. Just follow the demonstration on the video and you can create and run codes.