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Air dry or towel dry?


How do you usually or prefer to dry your body after taking your bath 🛀? Some people love using towel to dry their body but that's not how I enjoy it. I prefer using the air to dry my body. I would sit in the fan for a minute or two for all the water on my skin to dry up.
It really depends on the time of year and the weather. If it is pretty cold I prefer to dry myself with a towel but if it is warm say in the summer, I don't mind air drying instead as I feel that is a better option. When it comes to my hair, I prefer to towel dry my hair and then let it dry naturally when it's a little damp.
I hardly air dry. I use towel all the time for dry my body after taking my bath or washing my hair.

Our hair is best dried with a towel. Towel drying results in less hair loss than air drying.
You're right about using towel to dry in order to prevent hair loss.
I love air drying because some couple of times that I have used towel to dry my body after bath, I experienced hotness. After my bath, I will just go and sit out for some minutes in order to allow my body to dry by itself to avoid too much heat.