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Do you like Air conditioning system or fan?


Most houses now either make use of air conditioning system or fan. I have both of them in my home and both of them are very good. But the weather determines if I would be using air conditioning system or fan. When it's too hot, I will be using air conditioning system and vice versa.
I use both air conditioning system and fan in my house because it is always very hot down here especially in the dry season. I don't like dry hot weather because it always gives me bad reaction on my skin. This is why I don't joke with my air conditioner.
Air conditioners will always be better than fan because it makes the room to be cold very fast unlike how long it takes with using fan. Some fan even blows too hot and that makes me very uncomfortable.
Living in the UK we either have to use a fan or we need to use portable air conditioning units that we can buy from any electrical store for a cost. I would love for the UK to get air conditioning installed in all homes but it's not looking likely It would be very welcomed being that we seem to be getting hotter and hotter summers now and our homes are built to hold heat in.
We have air conditioning system and fan and both are functioning very well. Our air conditioning system and fan are always on when there's too much heat. But you see this cold weather, our air conditioning and fan are switched off because all the walls will be so cold even the floor.