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Recent content by bienn05

  1. bienn05

    What music are you listening to right now?

    I am currently listening to the song "Later" by Fra Lippo Lippi. I just feel this song right now. I don't have the reason why.
  2. bienn05

    Time Management Techniques.

    Prioritization is the key in time management. You have to determine what is the most important to least important. Then you should list it to know what is done and what needs to be done this particular time.
  3. bienn05

    Major League Baseball Greatest Player of All Time

    Who do you think is the GOAT of MLB? There are a lot of great players in the game. Do you think Barry Bonds is the greatest player? He holds the most homerun in the MLB. I think having this accomplishment can make him the GOAT of MLB. What do you think?
  4. bienn05

    Do you think some technology can beat computers?

    I am just wondering what kind of invention can beat computers. I don't know if people can create something that can be better than computers that we are using today. I don't see any technology that can be very useful to people like computers. What do you think?
  5. bienn05

    Offline or online jobs?

    I can do both so I choose both. It is better to have both as it will definitely increased your income. You can always do online jobs in your free time so I think you can have the two. Whenever you have the chance to get the best of two worlds then grab it.
  6. bienn05

    The Gwiyomi Craze

    This was back on 2013 and I find it really annoying. A lot of people were trying this even though the craze is unsuitable to them. Sometimes there are some things that people is not unsuited so don't try so hard people.
  7. bienn05

    Jobs aside from your website.

    I work as an Industrial engineer in a manufacturing company. I do production layout and draw jigs. I also help in maintaining lines and prevent failures of machines. I do this forums every break time. I really don't want any idle time in my day.
  8. bienn05

    What's your Favorite Movie?

    I am a fan of Marvel movies. I usually see the movie first than anyone. I watched every movie they created and watched it over and over. My most favorite movie from them was the "Avengers Infinity War". It is just amazing showing that all heroes from the whole universe stick together to defeat...
  9. bienn05

    What do you think is the biggest mistake you've done in your life and what did you do to make it right?

    I am contented with my life. I should not regret any of the things I have done. We should accept mistakes because it will teach us lessons that we will need in the future, we need to improve ourselves. We should work hard every time and give our best so regrets will be minimized.
  10. bienn05

    If you had a remote control that would operate anything, what would you control?

    If I had a remote that can control anything, I will control time. Time is the only this that cannot be brought back. I will use the remote to manipulate time and turn back time if I have some mistakes.
  11. bienn05

    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    I am an Industrial engineer, I am supposed to be good at time management. Sadly, I am late most of the time. I am late when I have some errands that are new to my schedule but if I am used to it, I can adjust with the time. Time is so precious so use it wisely.
  12. bienn05

    One food for life

    I would probably say fried chicken. I really love chicken. I can take any part of the chicken. I really love the skin and the juicy meat. I wished i can have fried chicken every meal I take in my life.
  13. bienn05

    How long do you stay awake at night

    The reason of me staying awake at night is because I am used to watch Youtube videos and play mobile games before I go to sleep. I am used to the routine like that so I am having a difficulty in sleeping. It is about disciplining myself. I hope I could changed it before I will be employed.
  14. bienn05

    Dream Car

    What is your dream car? I want to have a Chevrolet Camaro someday. I am starting to earn now for this car. I really want to have it since I saw it in the movie Transformers. How about you? What is your dream car?
  15. bienn05

    Favorite fast food chain

    I am a Filipino so I would say Jollibee. I love their chickenjoy and spaghetti. I really can eat that all month. The chicken is very juicy and tasty. Spaghetti is so cheesy and a bit sweet and I know that other people, especially people not from the Philippines will not like this spaghetti, but...