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World of Warcraft players aren't interested in new mall transmogs

Keith Stawarz

New member
World of Warcraft's new Majestic Warden costume transmog set didn't impress many players. The new set is available on the World of Warcraft store, but few players seem to be interested in picking it up for such a hefty price. Players can prepare enough WLK Gold in the game.

World of Warcraft has used the Cash Shop to sell some of the highest quality transmogs since its launch many years ago. The firefeather gown and the wave diplomat's gown -- both of which were on sale during the Blizzard Summer Sale -- are just some of the most popular outfits it's selling for real money.

However, World of Warcraft's newest transmog set seems to be very nostalgic for fans. The Majestic Warden Outfit is now available in the Store for $15. Unfortunately, many fans felt the set was bland, low-quality, and not worth the exorbitant price tag. World of Warcraft content creator and The Pale Beyond developer Michael Bell, better known as Bellular, noted that the set was so disappointing that even players who favored cash shops weren't interested in the new set.

World of Warcraft fans aren't opposed to the idea of simplistic transmogrification itself. In fact, World of Warcraft's trading post has featured several basic, adventurer-level cosmetic items since its inception, many of which have been popular. That said, these transmogrification items are usually available with a small amount of merchant bidding, not as much as a monthly World of Warcraft subscription.

It's clear that Majestic Warden's costume misses the mark. While some World of Warcraft players will no doubt opt for this cosmetic set, most fans aren't impressed. Anyway, like other recent WoW cash shop cosmetics, the Majestic Warden costume set will eventually be added to the trading post, so players who want it without spending $15 can save up a trader's bid Buy it in a few months.

That's not the only mistake World of Warcraft has made lately with the cash shop. The Corsage Pack is a $5 set that includes several fancy wrist transmogrs, but also gives players the ability to get the Trader's Tender in the first place via a microtransaction. This new cosmetic set sets a troubling precedent for World of Warcraft, leaving many fans worried about the future. The seemingly increase in purchasable cosmetics has led many to criticize Blizzard for its greedy approach, considering players already have to buy expansion packs and subscriptions. Hopefully, World of Warcraft and its community can find a middle ground that pleases everyone with its in-game store. For more game guides, please refer to u4game.top.