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World of Warcraft: A toy in August's trading post is a quality-of-life must-have feature

Keith Stawarz

New member
World of Warcraft players won't want to miss out on the ethereal transforming toys from The Outpost's August catalog. This toy allows players to summon transmogrified NPCs anywhere in World of Warcraft on a short cooldown. Players can prepare enough WLK Gold in the game.

Trading Posts, a feature added to World of Warcraft earlier this year, allow players to collect a large number of unique transmogrification appearances through various activities. In addition to offering some rare new transmogs, the Outpost also showcased new NPCs in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, allowing players to change their transmogs at convenient locations.

However, a new toy in World of Warcraft's August trading post catalog will allow players to alter their transmogrification anywhere they want. The ethereal shapeshifter toy summons an ethereal twistweaver NPC for a short period of time, allowing people to change their gear no matter where they are. The toy can be purchased with 500 merchant bids - the same amount players get for free with a monthly visit - and has a short 10 minute cooldown, making it easy to tweak its appearance as often as needed without visiting the main hub City.

Previously, the only way for players to alter transmogrification outside of existing NPCs was to use the deployable clothing rearranger or the Reins of the Great Crusade Yak. The former is a consumable item and costs about 100 gold per use, while the latter is an expensive mount that costs 120,000 gold and cannot be used internally. The ethereal shapeshifter can be summoned anywhere in the world, and even lets players adjust their appearance as soon as they pick up new gear in a World of Warcraft dungeon.

Needless to say, this toy is a must-have for World of Warcraft players who love transmogrification. Being able to access the powerful transmog system from anywhere in the game is too good to miss. Many people initially dismissed the Ethereal Shapeshifter as another shapeshifting toy, so it's important for those players to revisit this item and consider buying it.

At just $500 for the Trader's Tender, the toy won't break most players' pockets. That said, there are a number of high-priority items in this month's catalog in The Trading Post. Luckily, World of Warcraft offers a cash shop bundle where players can get over 200 bids for $5. While this sets a troubling precedent for the future of trading posts, at least World of Warcraft players have a way to earn more gold to buy their favorite cosmetics. For more game guides, please refer to u4game.top.