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What's your Favorite Movie?


Junior Member
My favorite movie is a rather odd one, The Wrestler. I just love how it shows the fall from grace and the reality of a lot of former wrestling stars. Being a huge wrestling fan and a former independent wrestler, I think it captures a lot of the realities of the sport. The moment when Randy decides to go ahead and take the risk for one more moment in the spotlight was something that hit me right in the heart.
My favourite movie has to be transformers because of the action-packes scenes and the endless entertainment. Quite frankly it had me on the edge of my seat
I don't think I've a best movie. There are just too many and I don't know which to choose from. But, maybe a Leonardo Dicarprio or Denzel Washington movie. Aviator, Inception, Blood diamond, Departed, Out of Time, Training Day, The book of Eli and so many from others. I just don't know which to choose.
This might sounds a bit cliche, but for me it's 'The Godfather'. I love the setting, actors, plot, everything. Also, my favorite books are also from Puzo's criminal series.
My favorite movie is Stephen Hawking's autobiography movie. It simply moves my heart. His story is an inspiration to many. This movie is a must watch. There are many lessons that will be learned with this movie.
My favorite movie is Miracle in Cell No.7. It's a south korean movie about a mentally challenged man with a daughter who was accused of murdering a child with the same age as his daughter. I'm not actually the type to watch very emotional and tear jerker movies but that movie is an exception. The plot is really good and the story is really well written. I have also learned a lot of things after watching this movie.
Life as a house by Kevin Kline is the best movie for me. This is a drama movie by Kevin Kline and I really love this one. The story of this life as a house is about the man who doesn't know how to fix the relationship with his ex wife and his son. after he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. It's really sad because his relationship is like his house, he can't even know how to fix it.
I'd say that The Prestige is my favorite movie. It's just a beautifully directed movie with great performances and beautiful storytelling, with a 'twist' that was there the whole time, which makes rewatches improve the movie every time as you pick up on each subtle clue to the story. The contrast between the lives of the two main characters and their interesting dynamic really help elevate the conflict in the movie compared to other films in the same genre.
My favorite movie so far is the series of Taken especially Taken 2. It made me to reflect the greatness of a father's unconditional love to his daughter. It is very relatable for me as a parent who strives everything for my child.
My favorite movie is Your Name. Most of you might not have watched it because it is a Japanese animation. But it is a unique one and it is a very good love story. It is about one boy and a girl and they switch bodies at random days. They communicate using each of their phones as their diaries. They are on a different timeline and they can't meet each other.
My favorite movie is South Korean "White Christmas" (2011). I am not into South Korean movies much, but I really love this one. It consists of eights episodes, the cast is just wonderful, and the plot is breathtaking. It is a drama which makes its audience think about the most valuable thing - our life. I have been watching this masterpiece for 11 times, and every time I find something new to meditate about. I believe that this movie is perfect for adults of any age and any culture. I strongly recommend it, it is really worth watching.
I am a fan of Marvel movies. I usually see the movie first than anyone. I watched every movie they created and watched it over and over. My most favorite movie from them was the "Avengers Infinity War". It is just amazing showing that all heroes from the whole universe stick together to defeat Thanos but they fail. I cannot wait to see the sequel of it. I am sure that this will break all the records of movies.
well I guess my favorite movie would be inception by Leonardo DiCaprio, good storyline and effects, and makes me wonder that if those things really happen in the real world it would be so much awesome. having to leave in your dream and recreate the world you ever wanted in dreams.
My favorite movie is the Narnia although I've watched many movies that is also the best Narnia will still be my favorite because its part of my childhood.
One of my favorite movies is the Apocalypse Now. The film is about the Vietnam war and the setting was made in the Philippines. I have probably watched this film for five times now. It's a dark film alright but it shows how the human spirit rises above all odds. Just imagine a soldier is given a mission to assassinate one of the US army officers who has already led a tribal life among the indigenous Vietnamese. The film is realistic for me because it shows the ghastly horrors of war and how two opposing cultures like the Vietnamese and the american can sometime be fused because of circumstances.
For my favorite is TAKEN by liam neeson for me it was very good movie and I really like the story of that, a father who will all that he can for her daugther,
My favorite is the ‘Fast & Furious’ movies because I have thought the Fast & Furious films to be about cars, speed, and adrenaline above all, but the theme at the core of nearly one of each is certainly family and it’s by far the best part of the series.
I love White Chicks! I could watch it over and over again and still laugh out as if it is my first time watching the film :LOL:
My favorite movie list is long. I cannot name one movie as my all-time favorite movie. At this moment, I am remembering a couple of movies. Nine featuring Daniel Day Lewis in the lead role is one of my favorite movies. The movie deals with the identity crisis. Avant-garde movie Hiroshima Mom Amore is my another favorite movie.