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What music are you listening to right now?

Music sets the mood for different things. There is work music, bedroom music, lounge music, serious music, etc. In a graduation rite for example, the music really sets the tone for a glorious graduation day. A fine-dining restaurant usually plays piano bar music to set the mood for eating, etc. How about you today, what sort of music are you listening to?
I always listen to acoustic music, because it calms me down, eases my stress and put me in a good mood. Music can motivate me and it can act as a stress reliever. Music helps me to remain positive in life.
Its 2:32 AM here in a small town in Nepal. About an hour I was watching football (soccer) and now I am hangig out on forums. I am listening to Road House Blues by The Doors. I was feeling sad because Argentina lost the football match and I needed something to cheer my mood.
I'm listening to classical music right now, not he heavy stuffs but orcestra renditions of movie themes like the Godfather.
I am currently listening to the song "Later" by Fra Lippo Lippi. I just feel this song right now. I don't have the reason why.
Music is part of everyone's life. There are different music genres that we can hear. Some may like rock, pop, or ballad. As for me, I like listening to pop and ballad. That's what I am listening most of the time.
It's about to rain here and the weather is changing. I need a cool and calm song that can make my night to be overwhelming. I am already on the sofa awaiting the rain.