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What makes you feel motivated to work?


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I know for sure that most of us have different and unique reasons on why each and everyone of us is working.. For me I mainly work because I want to give all the need and wants of my family and for them to have a better future in the present. I am happy to work everyday because of my family. they serve as my inspiration on why I am working and why I am more motivated to do things around me. The salary that I am receiving to my current work is also a thing to consider on why I am really motivated to do some hard work, I do extend some time or make some over time in my work if needed just to have a good earnings.
I love my current work. My husband and I work online and make enough money to enjoy life. It is very challenging and exciting to find out something new, improve my skills, explore something and moving forward. I loke communicating with people all over the world online, and it is a part of my work. No strict timetable, no nervous colleagues, no scary bosses. I like it, and I think we are responsible enough to create our own schedule and manage our salary. Total freedom and many new opportunities.
Well of course, like your motivation. Family first. I work hard for them also, but aside from that, I just want to become successful and financially stable in the near future. I work hard to earn money that I can use for my incoming business. I want to build my own business to have a passive income. I just want to enjoy my life with my family together. I want to spent my all of my time with them.
For me, I think it is already given why we work is because of our beloved families. One of the things that really contributes greatly for my motivation to work is my passion to that job. My family is a motivation for me to work hard and my passion is my motivation to excel at work and also to contribute to the company's success.
My family makes me feel motivated to work. I am a simple man and I also have a simple dream, to have freedom. This is not the freedom that most people wanted this is the freedom of simplicity and being unattached to the problem of society or family and I am not the kind of person who compete with others I just want to live simple. But my own way of thinking is not the same as my children and wife. So I must do something to give their daily needs and continue my principles after finishing my obligations on my family in the future if time will give me a chance again to live a peaceful life.
I feel motivated to work because I want to have financial freedom. I am investing most of what I earn because I want my investments to make money while I sleep. That's why I am always looking for ways to make multiple sources of income.
What motivates me to work? Well, of course I want to provide for my family. I am not the breadwinner but it's nice to help sometimes. Another reason is I have dreams and aspirations. I work hard because I want these dreams of mine to be realized. I do imagine myself being successful someday, and to be able to do that, I'd really need to work hard. One dream of mine is to be able to attend law school, so I'm really working hard to save up for this. I know it won't be easy but at least that's what keeps me motivated.
I'm currently working so that I can continue my master's degree by August. I stopped around a year ago due to family issues, and now it's been resolved, I'm working hard so that I can pay for my own education.
My dream for my family is my first reason why I am motivated to work. The support and love that they have given to me makes me push myself to work harder and better everyday. Aside from my family, the person who also love which is my partner and the dreams for my future make me strive for success.
Becoming financially stable and being successful is also one thing that makes me feel motivated to work because at my age which is still very young I know that there are a lot of things that I should do and can be done to become successful. Many things in life inspire me to become more motivated than before. I do like the fact that a person is becoming more motivated to do things around us when we receive some rewards such as money or even recognition from certain things that we do.
I'm still a student and I guess studying hard is also work and it's a job. Only that I don't get salary from it. However, I'm studying hard also for my family so that in the future after I'll graduate, I'll have a stable and high paying job that could support my family's needs and wants.
I feel motivated to work because I want to have financial freedom. I am investing most of what I earn because I want my investments to make money while I sleep. That's why I am always looking for ways to make multiple sources of income.

Would you mine to share your ideas about this investment? Is that online investment? Honestly never try to invest my money in something like I don't know, and I don't have any idea about some investment company aside from online investment.
Money. I think it's the same for a lot of people really because of the fact that it is one of the most important things for everyone around the world. And being able to earn money whilst doing work is what will motivate a lot of people to continue working and to work even harder. It's definitely something that motivates me because having money to spend when and where you want and to be able to buy the things that you want is just a great thing to be able to do. Plus, not having to rely on anyone else is such a good feeling that should motivate anyone to work harder and earn more money.
My motivation to work hard is my family. We have so many dreams together and I wanted to achieved it by helping them financially. I am working hard to save money for our dreams. Our dream to build a big and better house. Buy all things we want and travel all around the world together. I hope maybe someday we will achieve it. I just need a little luck and I give my best effort.
I am driven at work by a sense of duty. Call this thing professionalism or passion, for me work is a sacred duty and just by that thought alone, I am already motivated to work. I go to work without anyone prodding me or watching me. I go to work even if there are only a few clients, like if I’m a teacher, I will still teach even if there are only 2 or three students around.
It’s really hard waiting for some motivation before you do something. “Just do it!”as the NBA motto goes, no matter what.
I am motivated if the compensation needs are adequately met. 😂 😂 😂 Seriously, compensation is another thing but really I am driven by the need to associate with things I only care about, I'm not talking about material things but the people that really matters like family and true friends that supports you and loves you as you are.
Just lately I was down at work because of a promotion=related issue. It's serious because we work our best in order to get some promotions at work but if our superiors have a different idea regarding promotions and its tied up to a monetary or corrupt thing then the whole thing is corrupted. We lose hope and the only consolation we have is just the work itself, thinking that at least we still have one. Basically it all goes down to just being grateful for all graces received and not focusing on the bad ones.
Doing a good job and achieving the desired end result is my primary motivation. I’m very results-driven. I’m directly motivated by seeing the results of my efforts translate into a physical object. I enjoy every aspect of product design but nothing makes me happier than seeing the actual output.
My inspirations motivates me. When I see a very good web design and structure, I say to myself that one day I will code a website like that, My wish list also motivates me to code hard. I also get support from some of my classmate and relatives. Of course there are some people that discourage me, but I ignore them simultaneously. Teachers are my first inspirations I really admire them because they love coding so much they always like to share their knowledge from time to time.
an honest answer is money makes me feel motivated to work, seriously, who wouldn't want to earn a lot of money while working? other than that maybe the office environment, I guess having a self sufficient salary with a well balance working environment also makes you so motivated to work.