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What makes you change your hosting provider?


What would be the main reason why you would be interested in changing your website hosting services provider? If they offer the same high quality hosting services but added extra fees to make it more expensive, would you consider changing or stick with the company?
If the hosting service provider that I'm making use of becomes unnecessarily expensive even though their services is good, I'm not going to keep using it. There are good alternatives to use that are cheaper.
I can't stand paying for any hosting services that's too expensive but still won't deliver top notch services. It's why I don't blame those webmaster who's stuck with using Namecheap for years because their services have been cheaper and good too.
There are only two things that would make me want to change my hosting provider and they are the price increasing to an amount I can no longer afford and also the customer service not being very promising or me not getting the support I need from the customer service.
When I am no longer getting the best service which I am paying for to a hosting company for my website business is the right time for me to change and make use of another company because I cannot be paying money for something that gives me poor service.
Whenever I'm no longer getting a service that is worth the money that I'm paying a hosting service company, then I believe it is the right time for me to change from making use of their services to another company that will offer me a better service.