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What is the best type of marketing?

I can remember when face to face marketing was the order of the day but it's not so anymore. Technology advancement have made everything better. Now, social media sites makes it very easy for marketing now. I love TikTok marketing more.
Any business that is still making use of face-to-face marketing is completely wasting their time because they will not have a better results compared to those that are using social media to market their products and services.
Social media marketing is another really effective method of creating awareness for your business or brands and if you use it properly you will certainly get tremendous results.
Since social media became more popular I have found that social media marketing has been the best for me. If you can reach the right target audience and you can post quite a few times a day on not just one but a few social media platforms then you should see some good results. I personally prefer to use Facebook and Twitter as I have found I get good results from those.
There's no way any business that wants to make great sales wouldn't be using digital marketing because it's how to reach millions of people with little or no stress. You can't rely on face to face marketing in this modern day.
Online marketing and advertising is the best. The business owner will have access to billions of people to show his business product and services for them to buy if they are interested.