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What do you think is the biggest mistake you've done in your life and what did you do to make it right?


This question is actually inspired from Miss Universe but I forgot what year it was. I was actually very surprised when I first heard this question but I also got excited as well because I feel like I can answer it confidently.

For me, the biggest mistake I've done in my life is when I didn't do my best when I was still in Elementary and High School. During those times, I knew I can do better and be able to be an honor student, however I gave up on studies and only focused on my addiction with the internet. Fortunately, I was able to change everything during college and I have been a dean's Lister and an active student leader. Now I can confidently say that I am doing my best.

I am very interested to also hear your answers to this question. Feel free to reply on this thread. Thank you and God bless.
I never feel sorry for any decisions in my life, that is why I do not think that I have made any mistakes. I have a decent life experience, but I am sure that all the decisions I made were right at that moment. I just could not choose another variant. I always try to be thoughtful and understand that different circumstances influence my choice. I do not want to look back and regret doing something, I am aimed at my future. Anyway, we cannot change anything. At the same time, we can concentrate on achieving better results in the future.
My biggest mistakes happen was when I procrastinate or postponing things that need to be done for some other time even if I can already do it now. Until now, this plagues me, in many ways. I procrastinate in issues related to my health, work, studies, family, and the rest. One consolation I have is that I always pray but that doesn't excuse me from my sins of omissions. Maybe it's laziness but I'm not really lazy in other things; it's just that I procrastinate. And that for me is my biggest blunder in life that I hope I can finally overcome someday.
I am contented with my life. I should not regret any of the things I have done. We should accept mistakes because it will teach us lessons that we will need in the future, we need to improve ourselves. We should work hard every time and give our best so regrets will be minimized.
I guess the biggest mistake of my life is when I lost the girl I really really love, it was my fault for lying and doing thing that she didn't like. I tried to win her over again and ask for her forgiveness in a proper way. but I guess our fight gotten really far and deeper that than what I thought and it can't be saved anymore. I guess I just accept the fact. that I cannot have her anymore.
There was a girl I really like and it turns out that she liked me a lot as well and something could've happened between us, but I was too naive back then and too passive that I let her go and we haven't seen each other since.
I don't know if it's ever going to be possible for me to correct my biggest mistake in my life. I failed to invest in Bitcoin when it was as cheap as $20. It's not possible for it to come back to $20 again.