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Using advertising agency, Anyone?


Advertising agencies our bodies set up to offer the services of running business advertising for their clients. Have you ever used any of their services? How efficient and effective is their advertising campaign?
My online business haven't grown to the point or stage where I would be interested in using the services of an advertising agency. I know they can be very good at their job but they are too expensive for me to afford now.
I haven't used an advertising agency but I usually run paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and I usually get amount of traffic from this sites to my business.
There's no doubt about how effective and efficient Advertising agencies are with their job. But one of the biggest problems with using their services is that it's always too expensive. It's the reason why I don't consider them easily.
When it's a lot more easier and cost effective to make use of all the social media sites and tools available for free to promote my business products and services online, I don't see the need for making use of any advertising agency.