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The Annoying Pop-UP


New member
The code shown below is for my website. When the viewer initially views the website a popup box appears asking the viewer to enter their email address at their option. The viewer has the full option of entering or declining. Say, the viewer simply wishes to decline ….then they have the full option of clicking a small box in the corner that says: “Don’t Show This Popup Again”. Which should prevent the Popup box from reappearing again immediately ….page after page. The problem is that it does not work (or stopped working). The Popup box keeps reappearing immediately on every page which is quite annoying. The HTML coding (Shopify HTML Liquid) is shown in the attached text file.


  • PopUp Box Capture - FORUMS.png
    PopUp Box Capture - FORUMS.png
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  • Popup Error.txt
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I hate having to encounter such kind of pop up in any website. Some would give you the option to click a small x to close the pop up but when you click on it, it's not going to work but will route you to the ad before you can go back and be able to close the pop up.