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'Overwatch' Fan Creates Life-Size Giant Roadhog Hook

Keith Stawarz

New member
A talented Overwatch 2 fan has created a life-size Roadhog Hook that reveals just how daunting it can be to face a lanky tank in real life. While Overwatch 2 features 37 playable characters, each with iconic weapons, the Roadhog's fearsome chain hook is unforgettable. Players can prepare Cheap Overwatch CD Key in the game.

Roadhog has been a part of the Overwatch series since the original game launched. Over the years, tanks have wreaked havoc on the battlefield due to their destructive abilities. In addition to the Scrap Gun, the Roadhog is equipped with the Chain Hook, which allows him to pull enemies towards him and deliver follow-up strikes. Unfortunately, the tank has recently received some major nerfs, which has made him less survivable in competitive matches. However, that hasn't stopped one player from recreating one of his classic weapons in the real world.

In a post on Reddit, one gamer shared a photo of a giant life-size replica of the Roadrunner's Hook. Known as DansJungle on the platform, the creators show off their work in the picture, offering great ideas for replicating the weapon's massive scale. In addition to being massive, DansJungle includes some finer details that make Roadhog's hooks look more realistic. For example, the word "HOG" is spelled out on the top of the replica, and the grip looks like it's made of weathered cloth.

In addition to showing the replica in a set of images, DansJungle also provides some details about the design process in the comments section. According to the creators, the piece was "completely 3D printed" and took about two days to fully print. In addition, they calculated the size of Roadhog Hook by comparing it to the size of Hanzo, a 5-foot-8-inch DPS character. From there, they then adjusted the model to fit the size of their body. "It goes around my waist, so I think it's big enough," they said.

Since DansJungle shared his life-size Roadhog Hook on Reddit, the fan art has garnered a lot of support. The post has received over 7.3K votes in favor of the design, which many fans of the Watchmen series have contributed to. In the comments, some fans would like to see DansJungle build a life-size Roadhog to compliment the impressive 3D printed Hook. however, the creator joked about another possible idea. "Why build one when I can be a human? It only takes about 400 pounds to add," they said. In addition, many users are excited to see DansJungle make other weapons from the Watchmen series, and the creators say they already have projects in the works.

It's worth pointing out that this isn't the only incredible replica of a Watchmen weapon that fans have made. Other players have used their talents in 3D printing to create guns for other popular heroes, such as 3D printing Sombra's machine gun. It will be interesting to see what fans like DansJungle will create next based on the Overwatch series. See rvgm.ru for more details on the game guide.