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Offline or Online marketing?


When it comes to the marketing strategy that works best for your business, which one do you think works better between offline and online marketing? I believe that the nature of your business determines what's going to work best. But doing the two would be the best.


I don't have a physical shop yet, so I'm only marketing online and it's actually working very well for me so far. Once I have a physical shop where customers can walk in, I will start offline marketing.


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Online marketing is using the internet to spread a message about your brand, product, and services to reach potential customers. It can also be known as digital marketing, internet marketing, or web marketing. Whereas, Offline marketing is using advertising to reach customers when they are offline and not using the internet. For example, when customers are in physical stores, watching TV, or reading a newspaper. It can also be known as traditional marketing.


It pays better for you to make use of both online marketing and offline marketing for your business product and services because it will mean that your product and service will have more reach so that you will have improved chances of making more sales.


With the world being a global village today, it is far more better for you to make use of online marketing on social media platforms and internet to promote your product and services because you have access to more people online than you will ever do with your reach when you are marketing offline.


I don't even listen to anyone who brings any kind of offline marketing about any products and services to me. What are they thinking? They are not following the trend or what? If it's not online marketing, count me out.


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Word of mouth is the best marketing I heard somewhere. I suppose that would be offline. What do you all think? Well, actually it could be either.


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For myself, I have found that online marketing has been the best for me and my business and also my sites. With the ability to reach so many more eyes with online marketing, it makes sense to choose that option. I wouldn't ever say completely get rid of offline marketing as the two can work well together if done together but I do focus more on online marketing than I do offline marketing now.


I know that some businesses are still marketing offline which still gets them good results but it's not the best way forward because the world have evolved so much. Almost everything is now done online which is why online marketing gets better results.


Online marketing is more effective in our modern society. A lot of people are mainly using social media platforms and other online sites to look up what they need to buy. It's why using online marketing should have more priority in a business marketing campaign.