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Images or videos in advertising content


To the best of my knowledge, it is always better to have both images and videos when it comes to your advertisement because they would both complement themselves so that it will have more impression on those that are viewing it.


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Advertising is never complete now without video as part of it which is what a lot of people are looking out for when they are consuming your advertising content. The videos give more information to whatever product and services you are advertising which is why you must never do your advert without videos.


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Advertising is the process of processing messages in such a way that it's going to be very persuading and influencing towards swaying people's minds in preferring a particular product and services over other rivals in the market. Now, a well marketer wouldn't just use words alone to try and convince people but he or she would incorporate images or videos which buttress the content message. Remember the saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words and videos leaves a more lasting impression.

Between images and videos, which is more effective in making an advertisement message more persuasive and influencial? If you are a marketer, would you use one from either of them or both of them?
You can't market successfully right now without making use of both images and videos because they are the most appealing variables in the marketing that you need to do for your business product and services to have more effects.


They both are really effective if you use a good click baits and don't try to give off a too good to be true click bait as that could sometimes scare some audience away if on clicking they find out that you are giving off the wrong impression not information about what you are offering.