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If You Could Have any Super Power, What Would it Be?

I would love to have a superpower to teleport! I really want to travel but I don't have the means to. I don't have money plus I really don't like riding buses or public transportation for a long period of time. So teleportation is the superpower I would definitely prefer. Can you imagine wanting to visit South Korea and all other places in just a snap? Man, I'd want that.
I like telepathic powers. I wanted to make people happy by reading there minds and doing what they like or what will make them smile.
I want something like Mystique in X-men. I thought it would be really cool to shape shift into someone popular or maybe a powerful person like a president, to sneak into some places and discover anything hidden. I guess my first choice is to have the power of Thor the god of thunder! I really like lightning and thunder and to have a super strength power. I think he can only be killed by a god as well.
If I would be given a chance to have superpowers I will choose time manipulation. With the power of time manipulation, I could turn back the clock. Awkward moments would never happen, all-nighters wouldn’t be necessary, and good times would last longer with this convenient superpower.
Humans by themselves have some powers over some things, like the power of rational thought. I mean, if I can only develop or harness the art of thinking logically to a whole new and higher level, then that would be enough power for me.
In fact, if you will try to analyze the powers of our favorite marvel heroes, they have human powers magnified so many times. Spiderman can leap tall buildings and swing from side to side. This power is all about movement. But mankind can already move swiftly now via airplanes and speed trains. Hulk can pound on his most obstinate enemies. Mankind has wrecking tools that were unimaginable few centuries back: tree cutters, metal threshers, building smashers, and the like. ESP, and such similar powers have also been made via large computer capacities which in a way constitute the human mind.
Perhaps, what I want to have access to all these powers and contribute more for the good of humanity.
I like telepathic powers. I wanted to make people happy by reading there minds and doing what they like or what will make them smile.
But wouldn't you breaking privacy?
Every people deserves privacy, we are all human after all. But that was just my opinion if that is power you really want. All of us has reasons anyway.
It is possible to have any superpowers I will definitely love to have the Magic of creating anything and I will use the magic to create enough money and become very rich.