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Do you use Power Bank?


Having Power bank is a very big necessity for me. This is because we always have electricity failure. We might stay up to two weeks and we won't see light. The power bank helps me still have devices charged.


New member
I don't have any use for power bank because I have uninterrupted power supply. Although, the electricity bill is on the high side but the most important thing is that I always have power.


New member
Yes, I make use of Power Bank. With how erratic power supply is in my locality, it's going to be suicide not having a power bank. Even right now, it's what I'm using to charge my phone.


I don't use Power Bank all the time because my smartphone is always charged. We have light 24/7. The only time that I have go out with my Power bank is whenever I'm traveling.


I just have power bank out of necessity. I can't remember the last time I even used it. This is because I have solar inverters installed at home and at my work place. So, I have electricity supply 24/7.


New member
I haven't needed to use a power bank in a while but I was always using them prior to the pandemic and COVID-19 when I used to go out for family days with my kids and my mum. We used to carry quite a few power banks around with us mainly because we would play Pokemon Go as we were walking around and that used to drain the battery on our phones quite quickly.

If I ever needed a power bank again, I would have to buy a new one now as any of the others I used to have I have now misplaced.


If you travel a lot, there's no way you wouldn't be making use of power bank. It's going to save the stress of looking for how to charge your phones.


New member
When I travel to a place without electricity, it is also quite useful. While traveling, I may charge my device.
This is the first inquiry I would make about anywhere I would be travelling to. If they have constant electricity, there's no need to go with my heavy power bank.