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Here's how Rocket League's cross-platform progression will work


Cross-platform play is already possible in Rocket League—a Steam player can compete against a PlayStation player, for example—but players who have multiple accounts on different platforms currently have no way to synchronize their progression and inventories. That is, someone who owns Rocket League on both Steam and on PS4 has to level up and earn items separately on each platform. That's changing, and with a little setup, the pretend cars you own on Steam will soon be the same pretend cars you own on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and so on.

Rocket League's new cross-platform progression system will be added with its free-to-play launch on the Epic Store. When that happens sometime this summer, new players will no longer be able to get Rocket League on Steam, though existing players will still be able to play their Steam copy, and it'll get the same cross-platform features and updates as the other versions.

However, while you won't have to switch to the Epic Store version of Rocket League if you want to take advantage of cross-platform progression, you will need an Epic Games account. The way it will work is pretty simple: You'll link your various Rocket League platform accounts to your Epic Games account, and then you'll select one of them as your primary Rocket League platform—your Steam account, for instance. All the other linked accounts will then gain and contribute to the primary account's Rocket League Items For sale inventory, competitive rank, XP level, and Rocket Pass progress.